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Chelsea FC. England. Bristol Rovers. Fuller's London Pride. Ch Margaux. Miles Davis. The Beatles. REM. "Lexicon of Love". Vaughan Williams. Fender. Marshall. EF Benson. Magnus Mills. Jonathon Coe. James Thurber. JRR Tolkien. Bill Bryson. Massie's "Dreadnought". The Tao te Ching. Iconography. Flags. JMW Turner. Mondrian. Anglo-Saxon History. Hay-on-Wye. Calvin and Hobbes. Tintin. "I'm sorry I haven't a clue". The Wire. The Sopranos. The Godfather Trilogy. The Imperial Japanese Navy. Medieval Cathedrals. The Pittsburgh Steelers. Warcraft II (maybe III). Diablo. Total War:Medieval. FC Barcelona. Dublin. Jordan. Egypt. Fusion cuisine. High-heels (on women). Coffee. Single Malts. Sophisticated politics. Empowering technology. The people I'm lucky to call friends.

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